Playing video from PC via wired DLNA


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I have videos on my PC that I would like to watch via my HDR-FOX T2
But what video format must they be in for the Humax to download them?
(I've set up DLNA from my PC and Humax sees the files, but won't display).
There is no simple answer to this, the Humax can play a greater selection of file types when they are downloaded i.e. copied to the internal or attached USB hard drive, that when the Humax is playing a streamed video via DLNA. It can play some AVI, MKV,MP4 files but these file types come in different 'flavours' not all of which will play either from local hard disk or DLNA stream

I finally tried disabling my BullGuard firewall, and all works okay (with Windows firewall enabled)

I am investigating what BullGuard was blocking, and will report if I find a more detailed answer :D