Playing video recorded after being streamed


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Today I streamed a 2hr20min film from my PC to my Humax (Custom firmware version 2.12) and then (from my PC) had the Humax record it to disc as the 'last streamed' file, and it appears on Menu>Video on the Humax, but with a whitish/green 'Right' arrow in front of it in the menu of recorded video files. And if I select it and press 'OK' that behaves just as if I had pressed the 'Exit' button, and it will not play!
BWT, it is an mp4 file - should that be okay? Help Please?

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The "last streamed file" is only for the iPlayer or YouTube sources on the TV Portal. The last video you streamed from either of those sources will be hanging around in the buffer, and the WebIF can save it out to an MP4 file. If you have never streamed from either of those (or at least not since the last factory reset), the buffer will be empty and you will save a zero length file (or maybe the WebIF will refuse).


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Further to the above - Later, we noticed the whitish/green arrow had gone, but when we tried to play the file it played a VERY old programme we once downloaded from IPlayer. But I am sure today's streaming from my PC had finished (because I watched the end of it on the Humax), when it reverted to live BBC behind the Menu/Video list display. I am mystified, so still need advice please!

Sorry, just see Black Hole's replay, which explains what happened, so ignore mine above!