Mr J T Stuart

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Have a number of recordings on external hard drive from my Foxsat-HDR. Anyone know if I can play them back via a HDR-1000S/1TB in any way. Hope this is the correct forum.
If they are unencrypted HD or SD then the HDR1000s will play them back subject to the following.

You will have to either delete or rename the sidecar .hmt and .nts files.

If they are HD and have an audio description track you will have to delete the MP2 audio track as the HDR1000s will select the AD audio.

Installing the CF on the Foxsat-hdr will sort out both the above. You can then play back Foxsat-hdr recordings on a HDR1000S directly over a home network.
Same thing (but not the custom firmware for HDR-FOX). The custom firmware sub-section to the Foxsat-HDR section of this forum refers.
Hi again, It got a bit confusing there but as I understand it the file grahamlthompson was talking about was FOXSAT-HDR_upgrade.hdf . I have downloaded and put it in the root of a USB dongle formated in fat32.