Please help - decrypting HD


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I know you are all probably fed up with newbies asking basic questions - but I have searched and searched and just can not find a simple thread that tells me what I need to know.

Aim: To save to my PC and play locally a HiDef video recorded on the Humax.

I've done:
I have an HD-Fox T2. 1tb ext hdd attached that has recorded a couple of test progs.
I have installed custom firmware (1.17).
I have BootHDR installed, Auto Unprotect and hmt.

What's happening:
The Enc flag has been removed however if I double click the file title in WebIF it says the flag is "ODEncrypted". I can not get this removed and as a result if I copy the file across via ftp to my machine it is not playable.

I also tried running the machine in BootHDR mode and copying across but that also did not work (same result).

So can anyone save me from going cuckoo?

Thanks and apologies in advance.
You need to install virtual-disk and then go into HDR mode and copy the recording to the virtual disk using the Humax remote control. The resulting copy will be decrypted.
With an HD-FOX you can ONLY decrypt by booting into HDR Mode and then copying a file with the handset OPT+ menu, because the HD-FOX does not have a DLNA server to implement all the other methods of decryption.

In order to decrypt HiDef this way, you only need to remove the Enc flag and not the whole shebang.
Wahooo! Thank you thank you. Yup that cracked it. Just out of interest where is the sticky / tutorial that explained this? There seems to be lots of useful info but all slightly fragmented/disconnected. I have lots of various bookmarks saved but it would be useful to know where the master sticky is! Thanks again for all your help!
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