Poor Picture & Channel Loss


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I have had a the fox t2 box now since before christmas & the first one was replaced under warranty but i am still having problems with the box to the point is has been turned off for the last couple of months.

I have an earlier 9200 series recorder which has excellent picture quality as does the panasonic tv. When I use the t2 box the picture breaks up & it keeps loosing channels saying that there is no signal.
I have tried it on another tv in the house & it still has the same problem.
I had an ariel installer check the ariel & signal before the last box went back under warranty & he said that the signal was very good, possibly too strong?

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

I am in Sheffield so have Emley Moor, Sheffield & Oughtibridge tranmitters available (ariel is pointed to Emley Moor)

Thanks Lee-


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Check that you don't have channels with local channel numbers over 800. If so your Emley Moor channels may be up there. If so you need to delete all your channels and manually tune to Emley Moor. If not the solution a plug in aerial attenuator may help.


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Hi Graham

I do have some channels in the 800s & have tried veiwing on these as well as the lower ones but the picture quality is still poor on both sets.
How do i find out which channels i need to tune manually from Emley Moor?

Thanks Lee