Poor reception hdr-2000t vs pvr-9200t


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long term pvr-9200t and hdr-2000t in multiple locations.

Just purchased another 2000t to replace an ageing 9200t but suffering occasional interference on multiple channels (not all).

Are there any max recommended signal strength limits for 2000t. We are running 88/92% (ch24) strength from I believe Rowridge (no engineering works) - location Littlehampton BN17. Quality is generally 100% except occasional 80%.

I am not doubting we have occasional interference, it is how the 2000t deals with it compared with 9200t that i am asking. Trying to determine if that just how it is or if we have a below par unit.

Initially fresh install replacing 9200t but for fault finding, running 2000t in series with 9200t. 9200t runs through the 2000t - for avoidance of doubt, any signal path to 2000t is common to 9200t.

I have dual recorded sections where 9200t is perfect image, yet 2000t for same section suffered picture break up when viewing live and repeated playback.

Tried all sorts of fault finding and work arounds (ie factory resets and running analogue) before coming to a conclusion:

Our 2000t does not handle minor (80% quality) interference as well as the older 9200t which appears immune to it.

Is this to be expected or should i be looking for a replacement 2000t as below par.


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It's hard to say because nobody would be able to replicate your environment precisely. We don't have specifications for signal requirements.

What I do note is that you have only spoken about signal quality, nothing about strength. 80% quality means 20% of the data blocks have already failed error correction. Only 100% quality is acceptable. Your strength figure will give a clue as to why the quality is falling - it could be too strong a signal just as much as too weak.
The 88/92% was signal strength.

As i say, the 9200 copes with the 80% blips in quality with no visible or audble defects, whilst 2000t results in highly noticible pixellation, stutters and audio dropouts. Our 2000t unit is clearly inferior to the 9200t in this regard and i just want to know if this is to be expected or if we may have a below par unit. Never had issues before with another 2000t before but that was different location which does not suffer localised interference - probably from marine based sources that we have no control of. It may well be that a 2000t is not suitable for use in this location and that trying methods to mitigate the interference will take longer to undertake than return period on 2000t. Iirc that freeview signal is pretty tolerant of many errors hence 9200t coping with less than perfect signal.
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Our 2000t unit is clearly inferior to the 9200t in this regard and i just want to know if this is to be expected
Based on my current ownership of two 9200Ts and a 2000T plus previous ownership of a different 2000T and a 9300T, yes it is to be expected.
Thanks Luke, shame. Not too bad this morning, and watchable, but marine traffic isn't like it was last night when probably interference from jet ski engines.

Signal path - out of communal ariel socket in wall, reasonably specced digital coax to 2000t, out of back of 2000t, generic coax to 9200t.

All on BBC1/Channel 24 from Rowridge.

9200 never missed a beat even though its last in the chain and jet skis flying around, 2000t stutter, pixelation and audio dropouts no matter whether 9200 is in the chain or not. Don't even need the jet skis to get intermittent issues, like first thing this morning, so something else causing the pixelation, like below par 2000t. As i say, 9200t is immune to this all.
Signal path - out of communal ariel socket in wall, reasonably specced digital coax to 2000t, out of back of 2000t, generic coax to 9200t.
I would suspect your problem is upstream of the wall socket. Too much gain in the distribution system and/or not enough screening on the cable.
Yet the 9200 has been near perfect for best part of 10 years, and 2000t glitched from start. Sounds like 2000t is simply not as good at handling interference as the older 9200t.

It was just hopefully poor timing that there were jet skis (one looked like he had engine issues as he returned early and spent much time revving his engine whilst his head was under a cover) between our aerial and Rowridge and this mornings glitches (before 6am) were results of atmospherics. Its been acceptable rest of day although its mostly been on Dave not BBC 1 where majority of setup testing and early morning viewing was done.

Ive got a few days to live with it before deciding whether to reject and find a different unit or stick with which has 9200t has been solid until recently when its just become slow to respond to IR.
Having tried to watch a prigram on C4 that was often unwatchable, ive decided that it will be best to return.

Example from TV. Both same section C4. No evidence of a source of interference.

Link to recorded video from hdr-2000t
https: // www. dropbox.com /s/5mfh0he8bxxj2qz /video%2011-07-2015%2021%2002%2026.mov?dl=0

Same clip simultaneously recorded on pvr9200t
https: // www. dropbox.com /s/ezveghtw0czp9gl /video%2011-07-2015%2021%2004%2034.mov?dl=0

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Thanks for everyones advice
Having suffered disc access issues (calling up any function that accessed hard drive was simply ignored) that would only clear by going into standby and back, it looked more and more like we had a sick 2000t.

So today it was exchanged and a few hours after setup, noone has notic d any picture breakup issues.

So hopefully it was a duff unit and the replacement will function as well as the ageing 9200t that it will replace.

All credit to John Lewis for a no quibble replacement.
Oh dear.

Image pixellation problem gone with this new unit, but like original, this one is suffering with the hard drive being lost after auto power on. It requires manual standby/power on to recover.

Disappointing, an inconvenience for us but we share the box with the inlaws who will want things to just work.

I guess i could turn off auto standby but is this indicitive of an underlying fault or is it a known issue with some units. Our own 2000t has never suffered this.
Whether a know issue or not, it is clearly not of satisfactory quality for the purposes of the sale of goods act.