Poor signal on ArqA and ArqB Multiplexes on Humax Box only


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Hi, I'm sure this hasn't always been the case, but my Humax HDR Fox T2 struggles to pick up all channels on ArqA (Dave etc) and ArqB (Film4 etc). Signal strength is around 35 - 40% on both and results in scrambled pictures on the channels on ArqA, but strangely the box seems to give consistent pictures on ArqB despite the low signal. My tuner in my Samsung TV picks up all the channels on both multiplexes at 80% consistently with no problem. Channels on the other multiplexes are fine on both Humax and Samsung TV. I can't make head nor tail of it. Can anyone else?
Do you have any Duplicate Channels? e.g. channel numbers starting 800 and above? If so your Humax may be using the weaker of Two signals that it can see, manual tuning can sort this
Yes! I've never noticed before, I have channels beginning with 800 including these channels. I guess I need to rejig the channels, is that right?
You really need to end up with no duplicates because the Acurate Recording signals from duplicates cause problems, for each 'good' Mux. (say ArqA) note its Channel number, you should then end up with 6 Mux, channel numbers. Start an automatic Tuning scan and stop it before it finds any stations (This will clear all stored channels) then do a Manual scan using the 6 Noted Channel numbers only. Please note That the re-scan will clear your recording schelule and Favourites so it may be worth making a note of them before you start the re-scan
I have added some notes to the WiKi HERE