Portable drive does not get powered down when HDR-FOX T2 goes into standby


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Thought I had read that someone had found their portable drive powered down ie the Humax box removes power from USB when in standby. my test reveals my Toshiba drive just keeps running.
Cannot see any settings in Humax box to help this situation , anyone got experience in this ?

The Humax does cut power to the USB sockets when placed in standby, however the Humax may be going into a 'half-awake' state rather than standby, here are the 3 states a Humax can be in :-
  1. Standby = hard disk not spinning, No TV output, DLNA Server inactive, LAN inactive, No USB power
  2. Half Awake = hard spinning, No TV output, DLNA Server inactive, LAN active, USB power on
  3. Awake = hard disk spinning, TV output, DLNA Server running, LAN active, USB power
Does the hard disk spin down? e.g. goes silent ? if not, the Humax is half-awake, this can be caused by having a Timer-off set without a timer-on set in the Humax settings
Not forgetting that the Humax is also in a half-awake state in the 15 minutes prior to making a recording from standby (presuming AR).

Yes, all my drives shut down with the Humax because it cuts power to the USB.
Great response - Thankyou . I have checked the timer on and timer off and both settings are off.
Trying to work out how I get the box into standby rather than "half awake" Reading your response has got me wondering if it's because something is switched on like
the FTP facility. I'll test it and post back .
No, it won't be turning on FTP that is causing a half-awake state. It maybe worth doing a 'real' power down using the switch on the back, (also known as a 'cold start') while in the half-awake state
Well Well that fixed it, stanby now seems to be standy by - Thankyou
Seems like the answer is to treat it like a PC if in doubt try a hard boot. :)
Yes, I'm afraid it's the old IT Crowd line 'have you tried turning it off and back on again' :), It is not quite so obvious though, that standby is not quite the same as off for all problems and half awake is a real limbo land effectively just turning off the TV output while keeping everything else running. As long as it is a rare occurrence, I don't think it's worth trying to find out why it didn't go into standby correctly, however if it keeps doing it, It maybe worth doing some more hard disk testing