Portal and app updates


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I have noticed that over the last few days, that the portal now has the option to generate a registration code again. Over on the new HDR-2000T forum, Trog posted a link to the 'testhumax' site with a placeholder for an iPlayer app for this device. In the video section of this site there are several entries for iPlayer, one of them (at the bottom of the page) shows screenshots of the newer interface which is now standard across numerous devices (e.g. PS3, Samsung smart TV etc.). It also mentions the ability to download programmes and claims to be compatible with the HD Fox T2, the HDR Fox T2 and the HDR-2000T. I know from the days of the Sky player app that things in development don't always get properly implemented. Does anyone know (or can anyone speculate) if we are going to get new and updated apps in the future?
I'll throw my hat in the ring and say no.
The T2 is just too underpowered to run anything smoothly.

The iPlayer screenshot has shown the new interface since the new portal launched, so I wouldn't read into that either..

I'm guessing the HDR-2000T will have a faster CPU, slightly more memory, and a 2TB HDD..
So new and existing apps will probably run better.. It will probably support IPTV too..