Portal Broken


I realised that I never use the custom portal, so I uninstalled it, now launching the portal does nothing. The 'loading' dialogue goes away after about 2 seconds like nothing is happening, then after about 20 seconds an error message pops up failed to launch application http://humaxportal... etc.
The internet is connected (I can access the box no problem from this laptop)

Anyone know what's up? Thanks
After you remove a custom portal package, you need to do a full reboot of the box (that is, put it into standby with the remote control and wait for the disk to turn off with a click before turning it back on again). That should reset the portal for you.
Tried resetting it, it didn't help.
I read what another user said, and set my lan connection to dhcp. Now it works. So I guess I'll have to switch it to manual if I want to access anything over the network
You might be able to configure your router's DHCP server to always allocate the same IP address to the Humax (what it will actually do is give it an infinitely long lease on the IP address). That will then allow you to access the Humax with the same address every time.
That's exactly the way I do it - rather than manually configure IP addresses for everything (and risk a clash if I get it wrong), the router is configured by introducing all the devices one at a time using DHCP and then "fixing" the allocated IP addresses by assigning infinite lease times. Any "guest" devices that come along then get a DHCP address that does not conflict.
That is what I do. My router allocates a STATIC IP address to the Humax based on its' MAC address. The same rule is applied to all my home network devices.

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