Portal problem (cont from previous post re:updates)


(quote: Black hole said "Start a new topic regarding your portal problem and we'll have a go at it"

Portal has been working great for a long time, then recently has just gone off and showing an error message.

My broadband is through a Virgin super hub, and using a wired system of homeplugs connected to the humax box and that then connected to TV.

I do have some overlapping connection problems: streaming problems (using Servio) that is a bit hit and miss requiring me to reboot PC to get that working again, and, also, sometimes need to reboot the Humax too. But, that does then function. Portal sometimes needed me to reboot the box to get it back but not helping now.

Looked at the network sharing on PC, run diagnostics, all said to be ok.

Is there anything else I should try?
The Humax TV Portal obviously uses your internet connection via the LAN connector or USB WiFi dongle, so things to check on the Humax are changes to the internet settings, also changes to your router settings. can you ping your Humax e.g. from a P.C. Start >> Run >> cmd >> ping NOTE :- replace this IP address with the one your Humax is using

Once again thanks for the help.

Actually when I posted this thread I decided to try my primitive reboot method one more time and lo and behold up pops the portal.

I am stumped why it worked this time. Virgin support always advise this as a fix before anything else, but surely this shouldn't keep happening.

Do you still advise me to ping the Humax , will it give me any answers?
Do you still advise me to ping the Humax , will it give me any answers?
No, not really, it just checks that your Humax has:-
1) the IP address that you think it has i.e. it hasn't been changed somehow
2) That something else on the same intranet (local network) can 'see' the Humax i.e. the humax IS networked

If you do try pinging, the only info. you might see is very long / erratic response times (in the example time=1mS) or lost packets, which might indicate some sort of network conflict
Some HomePlugs have a habit of not connecting soon enough for the Humax to obtain a valid IP address from the router by DHCP. When you get a connection problem, bring up the details on the Humax (Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Configure LAN and see if an IP address has been allocated or whether the IP address shown is the Humax default (

If so, click "apply" and the Humax will re-request an IP address by DHCP, and the HomePlugs will be awake so it should succeed. The cure, I have found, is to ensure the router is configured to always allocate the same address to the Humax (expire=never), and having obtained the address by DHCP change the Humax setting to Manual. There are other ways of ensuring the router reserves one particular address for the Humax, this is just the way I do it.

Portal went off again.

I tried ping but addresses I put in were not recognised.

Configure LAN reset the IP address but portal still didn't work. Streaming is working through Humax though. Streaming problems mostly always sorted with a reboot of PC or Humax

Is the only way to sort this then is to configure the router to the Humax address and should that address be the default ( Any advice on how to configure?

My router routes through to other devices so any new configuration would not interfere with that would it? And would I then have to reset Servio in some way?


As a test, set the Humax to Manual and put in a suitable IP address (the one allocated by DHCP would be ideal, just leave it as it is once configured).

Sorry to have been a while getting back. Had no access to broadband for a couple of days.

Portal came back after the braodband switched back on. I have changed the settings to Manual as advised by Black Hole and it seems now to be a stable connection.

Do I need to configure rputer to "never expire" now. How to do - would be much appreciated.

Thanks for great advice
Instructions would be specific to the particular model of router. In general, there is a web configuration page you can access from a browser by typing the unit's IP address into the browser address bar - in my case that would be (typically all addresses on your network will be 192.168.[0 or 1].x. You will then (probably) be presented with an admin login request to get to the settings. After that - well, it's a case of looking around and finding the Humax connection and setting it to an infinite lease time.

Alternatively, you can google for the "DHCP address pool" for your router (these are the addresses that can get handed out by the router on request), and use a manual IP address between 1 and 254 which is not within the pool or conflicts with other devices (with fixed addresses) on your network.
Thanks Black Hole.
Alternatively if I do nothing with the router, is it likely the portal problem might return?
Not with the portal, but there is a slight risk of IP address conflicts with other devices on your network in the future. It is likely (especially of you set DHCP, click "apply", then set to "Manual" again) that the router will then reserve that address. The problem with conflicts arises if one is actively connecting new devices to the network (eg if a friend brings his computer around and connects to your WiFi).

If things go pear shaped on your network, refresh the settings (do a DHCP and back to manual again).
Thanks Black Hole for all the advice.
I am going to ask another question in relation to the custom firmware and using XBMC. I will join or open a thread.