[portal-xtra1] Custom TV Portal Alternative

It would need to be compiled for our kernel version and even then it probably wont work as it would need to interface with the broadcom chip to sort out networking, display & audio. Oh, and control from the remote.

...but besides that it's totally possible! ;)

Also the image quality is very poor (especially compared to the BBC's content) - perhaps because of said ASF encoding.

I'm just going off the "Sample" stream as I have no Sky login details but I thought that the quality was on par with SD iplayer streams and better than 4OD and ITVplayer on my PS3...
Sorry in advance if this has been covered before! I don't use iPlayer on my PC much but whilst looking for some Olympic coverage I found that it is now possible within iPlayer to access catchup on ITV, CH4, 5, E4 etc, it may have been there for ever but I have only just found it, is it therefore possible to gain access to these catchup channels on the Hummy. I suspect that there issues with licencing but if iPlayer is able to deliver them within its portal why can't it deliver them direct to the TV afterall its just another portal.
From what I read abot this a few years ago, its only transferring you to the relevant player. So for an ITV show, it will redirect you to the ITV Player. Its not the BBC storing and serving out other broadcasters material. They are just pointing you to it.
The iPlayer on the humax does not offer this service. This is only on the web version.

Other catchup players on the Humax portal are up to those broadcasters & humax to create. With the launch of YouView however, they now have those boxes ticked, so doubt very much they'll port them over to the T2 portal.
The major difference between the platforms is the programming language used for the apps and hardware specs of the boxes.
Barry at My Humax Forum has just posted this relating to the lack of Internet Radio:

A new software version will be required after all. Testing currently in progress - however, software updates are in 'lockdown' for the duration of the olympics.
yup and Humax not overly confident that an update wont screw up watching/recording the Olympics either by the sounds of that...
yup and Humax not overly confident that an update wont screw up watching/recording the Olympics either by the sounds of that...

I think it is lock down for everyone over the Olympics, as no new channels can be launched either, hence the re-shuffle of the channels, is not happening until September.
I'm wondering if the 301hd channel currently available is using whatever bandwidth would normally be reserved for OTA ? Was really surprised to see a hd version of 301
No, the engineering channel normally uses less than 1 Mbs if I remember right. Its switched off for the Olympics though to save as much space as possible, as is BBC Parliament while BBC3 has gone 24 hour.

The space was found after encoder upgrades.
The HD Channels at the moment are running at around 7.5Mbs each.

The only reason 301HD was possible is because Channel 5 said they didnt want the 5th HD slot when it was offered to them last. So the BBC are using it during the Olympics, after which it looks like we might get E4HD & Film4 HD as they have filed for licences.
If it's down to a public vote (which it won't be) I'll vote for Film4 HD, they have source material that needs HD + DD5.1
Thanks for the explanations - here's hoping the once promised extra bandwidth after switchover doesn't all go to 4g and we get a few more hd channels in future.

Agree regarding some of the sd channels, a few are so compressed it's horrible but hats off to the technical guys who have made Freeview more than it would have been otherwise by squeezing as much in as possible
Just recently got round to updating HD. Earlier in this thread there seemed to be a suggestion that Facebook was working through the portal. Unfortunately not for me, selecting either that or twitter dump me out to the original Humax portal.

Is there something I need to edit to get them working?
FB used to work, but i think Humax have blocked us now. Its rubbish anyway, so dont waste your time with it.
Twitter should be working though.. if its not, Humax may have changed something..
I hope no one minds but I bought a HDR-FOX T2 yesterday and thought I'd have a play. I've now added a sort of Twitter Overlay for the App section (Yellow). It's very similar to the Newsfeed except it shows twitter feeds, the username and their profile image. I'll be honest, I am not an artist, but I think it looks ok.

The first twitter choice is the twitter timeline (tweets with people you follow). In the portal.js file YOU WILL HAVE TO EDIT THIS so you can put YOUR OWN USERID in. Unfortunately this is not your username, it's a unique number assigned to you by twitter. You might have to go on the developer page to find out what your userid is. In the portal.js, I am using Stephen Fry's ID as example!

The other parts are just 5 queries. (Currently) I have no way or idea how to integrate the keyboard, so for now the queries are set. You can change them in the portal.js file. Where you see q=f1, the results here will bring tweets containing f1. Just replace it with the term you are searching for.

The other 4 queries are:
QT (Question Time, can't remember if it's the right tag or not! (I think it might be BBCQT)
XFactor (sorry)
Runcorn(where i live)
LFC (that's Liverpool Football Club :p)

Plainly put, it's a start and perhaps it might just give someone a bit of motivation to develop something stronger. Once the feed is running, once it goes through the returned 20 queries, it will start again (ie refresh the feed so new tweets appear).

Given I cannot upload the js and css, here's the code (Incidentally I have no idea how to put this on the depository!!):

Firstly the portal.js file:

In fact it won't let me because this is my first post. I have to post 10 times before I can show the code, grrrr