Possible Daft Question re Playing of Music Files

Hi Guys

Sorry if this sounds like a daft question, but I notice that when I play a music file on the HDR-Fox T2, all the info of the track is shown as a sort of floating screen saver, with what looks like an image of a musical note.

My question is, can this image be easily changed to be the album cover as it is on my PC?

If this is possible, how do I go about it?


Thanks Black Hole

I have manged to get some of my albums to show their covers, but not all, not sure why, but hey ho, worth a try! All my files on the Hummy have a .jpeg of the album cover as an image, so not sure what is going on!
I would check the pixal size of the working JPEGs and re-size the non working ones to that size (if they are different).
Thanks Ezra, I have tried that, but nope they are not wanting to play!

I have even made sure that the file names are the same!

I will try to work it out at some point, but my PC has decided not to show me the .jpeg files even though I can see them via FileZilla!
Mines the same some show, some don't although recently one album which didn't show cover sounded crap so on my pc I made a new copy from a flac and upped the bit rate put it back onto the hummy having first deleted the crap version and yes you've guessed now shows album art. Can't possibly be anything to do with the bit rate could it ?
Its to do with the ID3 versioning. Off the top of my head i think the box works with v1.3.
You can change them quite easily with iTunes.
Thanks Chris

I have amended all pf the files, and in iTunes the artwork is showing, however when now uplaod thm into the HDR, only 2 show, whereas before I had at least 5 showing!

I amended the albums that were set as ID3 v2.3 to V1.1 (no v1.3 available in my copy of iTunes) and that didn't work, I also tried copying the image form iTunes and uplaoding that to the HDR folder, but no joy!

Oh well was a nice idea, but not going to loose sleep over it!


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Sorry yes i meant v2.3..
Try converting them down to v1.0 and then back up to v2.3.. i seem to remember that fixing it for me. Or the other way around, convert to the highest version, and then down to v2.3

Either way, this is the source of the bug - the ID3 tags..
Thanks Chris

It has worked!

I basically hadn't had art work saved to each track, for some reason iTunes didn't want to do that!

I followed your advice and highlighted each track on each album, right clicked and selected "Convert ID3 Tags" to V2.4 and then right clicked on the album picture clicked "Copy" then right clicked on the highlighted track list and selected "Get Info" and on the "Info" tab, right clicked in the "Artwork" box and clicked "Paste", click "OK" and then clicked on the highlighted track list again, right clicked and selected "Convert ID3 Tags" to V2.3.

After re-uploading them again, this worked!

Thanks agian for your advice, I am not au fait with iTunes, so appreciate your words of wisdom!:)


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Yep, the artwork is stored in the mp3 if you set the ID3 tags correctly.

Yes you should be able to copy the folder over. But obviously it won't play any dodgy formats.
Further update to my progress, I noticed a couple of albums didn't show any artwork, so I took Chris's earlier advice and selected all the tracks in iTunes, and changed ID3 version to v1.0, this then removed the artwork in iTunes, once that have saved, I right clicked and clicked "Get Artwork", this then brought the artwork back into iTunes, then re-set the ID3 tag to 2.3 and re-uploaded to the HDR, and all was OK!

If you find that iTunes can't find artwork, or you have a CD and iTunes is showing a different image, I have found a freeware version of software called "Album Art Downloader" http://sourceforge.net/projects/album-art/

Well that is my music files sorted!