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possible meltdown!!

was just watching andrew marrs megacities on chaseplay when the screen suddenly went dark, initially thought i'd sat on tv remote and switched it off? then the error message 'this channel is scrambled or unavailable' appeared. have seen this a few times before on espn, when the card needs rebooting.

checked a few other recordings, both watched and unwatched and every one has proved unplayable? very very odd, i've not seen this before? still got 220gb free space on drive. gonna switch off and see if all returns to normal? hopefully its not the start of a meltdown not previously reported on this model

any comments?
phew. all ok again, switched off and then flicked the switch at the back, left for ten seconds and rebooted. all back safely, except the andrew marr thing which said 'power supply fault recording interrupted' and was blank file​

hopefully just a one off? thinking about it i had actually caught up the chase play, deleted the watched part and had then set up manual to record last part as i went for a potter, it went blank as i watched this manual bit and the file that was left was 7 mins long but unplayable. odd, very odd!​
this forum seems to have turned into the march of the boffins!! not one single comment on the first real problem that anyone seems to have reported since day one??
interesting that you got no replies either!!

not tried to recreate it, and wont be, i guess its just one of those things that computers do from time to time. i leave the poor thing switched on all the time, so it probably just wanted some attention

ta for the response anyway

The reason you did not get any answers is that I suspect that nobdy else has come accross this before and/or found a solution to it. Anyway Welcome! - I know is seems as if this forum is mainly a load of us developing software mods for these boxes, but in reality there is not much else to discuss regarding these boxes, that can't be delt with by an email to humax support.
cheers for the welcome mate, but i've been on here since the start and for years on hummy.org too. i realise that this is 'probably the most stable box in the world', copyright carlsberg, but had expected some comments. the forum is way above my minimal knowledge these days but as you said this is a direct result of the box having absolutely no real problems.

hoping that one day it turns in the toppy and has open access so tweak the machine from the builders view of the perfect PVR into a custom altered one
I realise that this is 'probably the most stable box in the world', copyright carlsberg, but had expected some comments.
Now if you'd said that a few months ago you would have had a dozen replies in a minute telling you what a heap of garbage the box was and that they were never going to buy anything again.


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Now if you'd said that a few months ago you would have had a dozen replies in a minute telling you what a heap of garbage the box was and that they were never going to buy anything again.
Has something changed in the last few months that I am unaware of, which has changed peoples opinion of the box?:confused:

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From what I can see there are still a trickle of people buying the T2 and finding it doesn't work for them - still a few HDMI sync issues, occasionally an early disc failure or a flakey box from the outset. If it is dead on arrival, that's an easy thing to take back and get refund/replacement and we tend not to see those stories. What we do see is when the box more-or-less works but there is something slightly odd and they're not sure whether it is behaving normally.

I think there are a few reasons for the reduced volume of aggrieved purchasers: 1. the firmware has fewer HDMI glitches now, and the shop stock is preloaded with the newer firmware not the old buggy stuff; 2. iPlayer etc is now available when it used to be advertised but not available; 3. there is a body of advice on the interweb that people can Google even if they don't actually post in forums.
well i still think its a fantastic piece of kit, just bought one for my dad to replace his full to the brim 9200, hd not available in sleepy devon yet but i'm sure he'll notice a jump in quality anyway

still nothing to touch humax is there, except a mystuffed toppy i guess?


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Don't know what all the fuss is about. bixieupnorth had a problem with his T2 and before trying something as simple as a reboot/power cycle he dashes to his PC to report it on the forum. Only eight minutes later he then reports all is well after a reboot. I'm sure that if anyone had experienced similar problems they would have said so, but since the problem no longer existed there was no need for any comment regarding possible fixes. He then goes on to mention the lack of comments, implying that this forum is just for techies. I would disagree completely with this statement. Anyone genuinely requiring help is always given it, technical or otherwise, but commenting just for the sake of it seems a bit pointless to me.
I had a similar problem! I turned on my tv (the hummy was already on) and bbc1 and bb2 were scrambled. A reboot of the box fixed it but it was very odd. Interestingly I'm pretty sure it happened on thursday night, the same time as bixieupnorth. Probably a coincidence but it hasnt happened before or since.

I do have the odd HDMI sync issue though, i sometimes have to do a bit of a song and dance to get the tv to find the signal which is a bit of a disapointment after the rest of the box being so solid.
sorry raydon! i panicked, rushed to see if anyone had similar problems before trying a reboot yr dead right. as has been said its so stable that people, with the knowledge, are wisely trying to spend their time further improving the box