Possible to have USB (WLAN) or Eth LAN active in standby / half awake.


Just wondered if it would be possible to change some of the interface states on half awake, or high power standby. From what I've read, WOL is not an option on the HDR, but am assuming that in either the half awake or high power standby that the box OS is actually running. Please excuse my old school understanding from Unix days, but is there not still rc0/1/2 or equivalent on Linux that could be tweaked to put in additional services?
In half awake mode the Ethernet and USB interfaces, and all loaded custom firmware components are active. The only things that aren't there are the TV output and built-in DLNA server (if enabled).

In standby (low or high power) the OS is not running, just the MICOM which is a small dedicated processor in the front panel.

Edit: if you're using wireless, then that is also one of the things that isn't enabled in half-awake mode. Installing the wireless-helper package brings the wireless connection up in half-awake mode too.
Although there are 3 states that the Humax can be in e.g. Standby, Half-awake and Full on, I think I'm correct in saying that as far as power consumption is concerned there are really only two, because half awake takes the same amount of power (very roughly) as 'Full-on'. So it wouldn't be possible to have low power consumption mode while still having the USB and LAN working. As af123 has said in 'low power mode' only the clock on the front , the ir receiver and the UHF passthough is working, the main board isn't. It's all or nothing I'm afraid
Thanks guys, I'd concur regards the half awake consumption it's maybe partially lower than awake with no activity but not a lot. Shame that Standby does not have the system running, but, that's life.
One thing... I've seen my system in half awake, I could tell from the Red Ring settings, but I don't know how to get it in that state! How do I put the system into that mode, and is the Webif status 'standby' with an orange button the same thing?
The Humax is in 'Half Awake' during it's 4:30am - 4:40am wake up, when it looks for new OTA's, It can also get into this state when you set a 'Power ON timer' without a corresponding 'Power Off Timer'. As you say, the Web-if displays this state as 'Standby'. I'm not sure if you can force the Humax into the 'Half Awake' state (af123 may be able to). It may be possible to create a 'lower power' state, by stopping the Hard disk spinning (where the majority of the power is going), If you 'tune' the Humax onto a data only channel like 200 'The Red Button' and use the CF disable_tsr, again af123 would know. O.K. thinking caps on, we would need a new name for this lower-power state, how about Snooze Mode and are there any Redring combinations remaining to display this new mode? flashing blue perhaps
The most common reason for half awake is for the 15 minute period before an AR mode recording while it watches for the broadcaster's signal.
I can get my HD into a half-awake state by switching it off during a timed wake up. It has the same effect as having no end time set but the actual end time switches the box back on, half awake.
I can get my HD into a half-awake state by switching it off during a timed wake up. It has the same effect as having no end time set but the actual end time switches the box back on, half awake.

By 'switching it off' do you mean standby via the remote?
Yes, also by using ir remote. I sometimes watch TV in bed on an HD ready TV that doesn't have a Freeview tuner via A/V leads, so I have a timer on at 7am, off at 9am. If I switch to standby before 9am, I find that the Humax has switched back on at 9 when I look later in the morning. It has a red light on the front panel and the USB HDD is alive and I have full Webif access, as if it is recording (which it isn't). I don't do it now!
Thanks 4291. I tried a few different ways without success but one way I could get half-awake mode was by scheduling a wake up & sleep via hummypkg remote scheduler then deleting the wake up. With the HDR in standby it would go into half awake at the time of the sleep command. Seems that the 'real' scheduler via the remote control yellow button from epg does not see the wake up & sleep commands programmed from the remote scheduler, although webif scheduler does. Is there another way to push the sleep commands rather than via a wake up & sleep, then deleting the wake up?
The wake-up and sleep schedule entries are not shown on the SUI because they are suppressed (like OTA and DSO events). Under normal operation they are injected by the power on/off timer settings.

I don't understand your desire to create the half-awake state - where does it get you that a normal wake state does not? There are potential misoperation issues, not least because the forced entry into half-awake is the result of a misoperation.