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possible to stream from external hard drive?

Quick question. Have hdr with external drive connected and obviously plays films perfectly but i also am in the habit of watching stuff off the humax on my android phone using skifta and mx player. The icing on the cake would be being able to use my android device to stream from the external drive connected to the humax. Is this possible or will it ever be? I am running the custom firmware. Thanks.

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There are a few ways you can do this. If you want to integrate the USB drive into the native DLNA server system, you will have to fool the system into thinking the drive is an extension of the internal drive. The USB can be mounted into My Video using mvdisks, but I would treat it with caution because it will corrupt the free disk space calculations.

Alternatively you could use the Mediatomb package to make the USB contents available as a separate DLNA server (the source content will have to have been decrypted).

The last option is to set up the Humax as a standard network share, then all the internal and attached storage becomes accessible across the network to anything that can access network shared drives. Again the content would have to have been decrypted.


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The USB can be mounted into My Video using mvdisks, but I would treat it with caution because it will corrupt the free disk space calculations.
I have not seen any change in the calculated disk space after mvdisks is installed. I would agree that the Humax frequently miscalculates the free disk space but this happens whether or not mvdisks is installed.
Actually i relented and installed mvdisks . Can see drive and files now in webif but still not in skifta. I realise its more of a skifta user question but am i asking for something that's not possible or am i missing something? When in skifta its recognising the USB drive folder and the sub folders with music and pictures in but not showing the video folder. All files are playable and some are only wmv files so i know they would not be encrypted as they are not off the hummy .

Black Hole

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It takes time for the DLNA indexer to index the new content. You can speed it up by setting content sharing = off, then deleting the DLNA index in the WebIF diagnostics page and finally setting content sharing = on again.

However, I don't think the native server will recognise the wmv files - for that you will need Mediatomb.
You are indeed correct black hole. I bow down to the fountain of knowledge. I am happy now i have access to everything, my missus probably less so when she cottons on i am watching twice as much tv as before which was a lot anyway. You guys and the custom firmware are awesome. I wud have bought the hummy just on the strength of that had i been aware of it at time of purchase.