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Hi all, newbie here.
Bought an as new foxsat and it's got previous owner postcode, so tried to do a re-set. Get as far as putting postcode in but when I press ok nothing happens and then it says invalid postcode. I can carry on and get channels but BBC is London region and I'm Northampton so should get BBC east? Any ideas please?

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If you have a relatively new postcode it might not be in the database. You don't need an accurate postcode, just one which identifies your correct region, so pick one for somewhere local that is well established.


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No it's an established postcode but when I put it in nothing happens apart from the flashing 3 little dots next to the last letter of the postcode. If I press ok it just repeats the last letter?


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If you have a relatively new postcode it might not be in the database.
Some years back my sister's road, a residential cul-de-sac built in the '30s, was for some reason given a new postcode. Caused all kinds of problems until databases were updated over the next year or so.


Just putting in the first 4 characters of your postcode is enough.

I don't have a box+don't live in the country anymore and I can't remember which button to press to move on to the next phase of the setup, but other users should be able to advise on that.


This could also indicate poor/no reception from the Freesat home transponder. As I understand it, the Foxsat will download a postcode database from this transponder, against which it will verify the postcode entered by the user. The postcode database is then used to identify the region and therefore the "Bouquet" to use to configure the regional channels such as the relevant BBC 1 SD for your region. If there is insufficient signal on the home transponder and the postcode database cannot be downloaded then symptoms would be as described.

Do you have any way of confirming signal strength from the dish/LNB e.g. any other form of satellite receiver?


A suitable postcode that I know works would be MK45 3 (that will get BBC East West (Cambridge) and ITV Anglia West ).
IIRC you need to move cursor to the check postcode 'button' after entering a partial postcode? THEN <OK> it?
BBC allows you to set your preferred region on 101 etc.,. but ITV do not (nor are the alternative regions appear in the fresat EPG).

DO check the Home Transponder sig/quality: Tune to 999 Freesat Info: then under <Menu> <System> <Diagnostics> will give the numbers. {The 999, after a short wait, shows a MHEG slate. The Tp also carries the full EPG data.}

Home Tp is 11426 MHz, H polarisation, 27500 symbol rate and 2/3 FEC... So 18V (H) and no 22kHz tone (Lo band). That BBC ONE London is received rules out a LNB switching issue and it would be likely just a slight dish mis-alignment issue (even just skew, perhaps?).

Tune to 101, BBC ONE London and go back to Diagnostics for signal measurements on that Tp (10773 H) for comparison.
106 BBC ONE HD is on 10847 V (13V, Lo / no tone)
159 Yesterday is on 12129, V (13V, Hi band 22kHz tone on), and
148 Food Network is on 12382, H (18V, Hi tone on).
Those four check all the 'mode's a LNB operates in. Sig/Quality readings might indicate an issue (or not).