PowerOn/Off Cycle - TV wakeup

Carl Harris

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Can't seem to find all the bits to put together on this. Maybe someone can help please.

My HDR Fox T2 is connected to my TV (Sony KDL32D3000) by HDMI cable. My wife just had the BJesus scared out of her as the TV turned itself on. After a bit of digging seems that the Hummy was set to PowerOn at 6.00pm and turned the tele on as well (that kind makes sense - like input switching e.g when I turn the dvd on it changes input channel)

After a quick trial, it is confirmed that the PowerOn turns the telly on, but when the Hummy PowersOff - the TV does not. Can't find anything in the TV's instructions to ignore turning on from external input and can't find anything currently as to how to stop the Hummy turning the tele on.

So, a bit of advice please:

1) I've turned off the PowerON / Off cycle (i.e like early hours for EPG update) - can't have the TV coming on at 5.00am!!
2) First question is - will the EPG update whenever I manually turn it on to watch tele? Appreciate it needs 15-20 mins and if I'm absent series recording, etc is gonna get screwed up.
3) BUT, if the Hummy turns on to record a programme - the TV's gonna come on.

Solution - I reinstate all the settings, and just turn the TV off completely from standby - But surely there must be a way of keeping the tele on standby without it turning on each time??!!

Appreciate any help, as I'm now a bit out of my depth. Thank you

Yours Tech Noob
You coud try plugging in to a different HDMI port, it might only take the power on hint from one specific socket. Alternatively, never turn off the HDR.

Yes, the EPG does update when you turn on manually, or if it comes out of standby to record using AR (the EPG update is mainly for users of padding). However, unless you also suppress OTA it will be turning on at 4.30 every morning.
Thanks I'll try that - and yes, I could never turn it off (was just trying to be a bit energy conscious - but hey ho). Thanks for quick response, appreciate it - the wife was sure I was tinkering and trying to scare her!!
Thanks for the help - I've set it to auto off, and changed the HDMI slot, and all seems ok. Next I will try to do a auto-power on cycle, just to check whether the HDMI slot will power up or not. If it does, I'll leave it off. Thanks again.