Prerecorded programme problem

David Acraman

New Member
I set to record a 2 hour programme but on playback I noticed a yellow and black symbol showing and the whole programme whizzed through in about 3 minutes. What happened? Did it not read the clock properly?
Please advise and ideas?
Details of the programme, time, channel etc. would be useful.
Did the Humax record the whole programme and play it at super fast speed? Or, did it only record 3 minutes and play it back at normal speed?
Have you tried playing it back more than once?
The only yellow and black symbol I can find is a yellow triangle with a "!" inside - but that seems to be connected to an Opera browser which appears to be hidden in the Humax firmware (Yes I've been poking around in the latest 2000T upgrade file).
Thanks for your reply. Your on the right lines. It recorded only the first 3 minutes of the programme and the timer bar moved rapidly across the screen from left to right on playback. I didn't try to play again as the clock recorder clearly showed it had only recorded 3 minutes worth. With regards to the yellow and black symbol I seem to recall 2 horizontal yellow lines crossed with a black line at about 45 degree angle. I once had a chart showing all the symbols and their meanings but it has gone astray and I have been unable to find a copy anywhere on google. I've no longer got the programme details to hand but I do think it was recorded on one of the free to view channels and not BBC, ITV or Channel 4/5. Any further help would be most appreciated.
Kind regards.
So it wasn't the whole programme that whizzed through then, just that the recording failed after 3 minutes. The symbol you mentioned probably told you the recording was broken.

There are many reasons for a recording to fail, but in this case probably a temporary loss of signal. Don't worry about it unless the problem is repeatable.
I'm not sure what the symbol could be. As I said, looking at the images contained within the firmware I can't see any that match your description.
My best guess (and it is only a guess) at why the recording failed after 3 minutes is that you tried to record a programme from a channel like ITV3+1 that goes off-air at midnight +/- a few minutes. ITV shouldn't list programmes in the EPG that are not shown in full, but often do. If you set a recording for, let us say, "Lewis" that is scheduled to start at midnight on ITV3+1 and the channel goes off-air at 00:03 (replaced with an off-air caption on the "live" channel, but is unrecordable), this could explain what happened.