Problem accessing HD Fox T2 web IF


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For months my HD Fox T2 has been working very nicely (linked to an HDR Fox T2 using Foxlink). It has had the latest CFW installed since April this year.
Suddenly it no longer sees the HDR's HDD as a USB virtual disk. It will play files from the HDR OK in network mode (which have been decrypted automatically). However the remote control's "fast forward & backwards" don't work - as I would expect since it is using DNLA rather than "virtual" USB disk. So the CFW is not running correctly... or maybe its the Foxlink not running...

Most puzzling is that I can no longer access the HD Fiox T2 's web if from the network. It just shows the greay box at the top or browser screen, but nothing else. This stops me checking if the Foxlink is installed correctly, updating it etc etc.

I have just re-installed the latest CFW from memory stick, all went as usual with the confirmation message that it had been loaded OK - and asking me to connect the local USB HDD Then when I reconnect the disk, and reboot I get the same "blank screen" again.

This seems to indicate some problem with the external HDD - and yet it is working fine recording and playing back and shows the MOD directory OK (when I browse it using the IR remote control).
Do I need to reformat the HDD? I guess I will lose my recordings?
Any other thoughts?