Problem getting regional channels


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just got a 4000t today to replace my aging fox t2 which is starting to play up.

Did an auto scan and it asks if I want Oxford or west (mendip)

I chose mendip ( selected it to be light blue) and still ended up with bbc1 Oxford!?

The only way to get bbc1 west seems to be to manually scan the bbc mux channel after auto scan, then it asks region again and correctly showed bbc1 west.

I did a factory reset , chose mendip and got the same result bbc1 Oxford.
Factory reset again, chose Oxford and get bbc1 oxford.

Is autoscan broken for others?

I'm on latest firmware.
Initially there were no reports of the FVP-4000T not tuning correctly. More recently there has been one where the FVP-4000t did not start recording a scheduled programme until the owner switched to the channel they wanted to record - a classic sign of miss-tuning for a Humax. Humaxes traditionally can't cope well when tuned to more than one transmitter.
Your technique of a combined auto and manual scan could still leave the FVP-4000T in a state that it occasionally fails to record a programme. It may be more straightforward for you just to go for a full manual retune rather than risk wasting time analysing or having to retune anyway if the odd recording fails.

For locations that receive from 2 regions, Humax fixed the HDR-FOX T2 auto-tuning at the start of 2013 with software 1.02.32. Did you have an issue pre 2013? (Not that receiving from more than 1 transmitter always meant back then that the HDR-FOX T2 wouldn't tune correctly, just that it was a possibility.)

The auto-tuning also with the HDR-2000T and their youview models it is going to be a long time before I have confidence in any Humax freeview box being able to auto-tune correctly for everyone. For me the easiest option is going to be to avoid the auto-tune and just do a full manual tune for what I want and then forget about it.
For me the easiest option is going to be to avoid the auto-tune and just do a full manual tune for what I want and then forget about it.
That sounds like pretty good advice for those who have a tuning problem and have manual tune available. It does involve a modicum of research to find the TV RF channels that you need to tune to, but once done, as Luke says, forget it.
Thanks, I did a little more testing and actually I think it must be a software bug.

If I do a factory reset, auto scan, then pick West (mendip) it wrong still has Oxford bbc 1.
But if I then do an auto scan again after the box has booted, then pick west, it has the correct regional channels.

So it seems on the initial auto scan after factory reset it ignores your selection for region.

The box seems to run quicker now that I've factory reset it after it ran the software update from initial turn on too.