Problem setting up Fox T2 Box - it keeps wanting retuned


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Last night I attached a Humax Fox T2 Box for my friend to a very old television, the sort of one health and safety would hardly let you lift! I'm assuming it is an old analogue tv.

I connected this way aerial from community aerial into Humax aerial socket. Aerial out from Humax to back of TV. Scart to TV, Scart from DVD player to TV

Anyway the box carried out the initial scan and received all the stations that my neighbours receive but every time I switch stations it invites me to rescan to pick up stations I may have lost. But I’ve done that twice: once by an automatic channel search and once by a factory reset, and still the message.

Any ideas what might be wrong or have I a faulty box.

Thanks for your help guys
You need to do it by responding to the retune nag - only that will suppress it. There is much conversation about this in the HDR-FOX section.

By the way, if the TV does not have a digital tuner (presuming you no longer have an analogue service) there is no need for the aerial link from the HD-FOX to the TV.