problem streaming from hdr-fox t2

I have my humax attached to my network and the excellent customised firmware installed. Also on the network are a couple of Sony DLNA capable blu-ray players, and Ihave been using them to watch recordings on the humax in other rooms with great sucess until last night when I tried to access my rcording of Johnathan Creek recorded from the New drama channel. It all went through the motions up until the processing spinner which did that for a minute or two then went back to the humax's directory listing. Any one any ideas please.
If the Humax recording was only recently made, it is possible that the humax had not had time to allocate this new recording a DLNA ID number. It isn't possible to stream a new recording until it has this number, you can tell by looking for the DLNA-small.jpg icon in Web-if >> Browse Media Files. If the DLNA icon is not present, check that the DNLA server is running with the Web-If >> Diagnostics >> DNLA Server option, also new recordings are indexed after a switch out of stand-by
If it had not been indexed, it would not be available in the media list from a DLNA client - so I'm pretty sure that's all OK. However, if you are using the custom firmware to move a recording or otherwise interfere with it after recording (eg flatten), an existing index could be made invalid until it is re-indexed.
It had the Icon OK and this weeks J Creek fails in the same way. checking properties of the .ts file against one that works the differences are
Working frame (WxH)720 by 576 audio 256kbps 48khz
Failing Video 544 by 576 audio 128kbs 48khz.

I guess that the frame format is outside what the sony can cope with and I'm just stuck with it unless I copy across to pc and convert it.
I have just acquired a LG Blu-ray player with DLNA, and have found similar. HiDef recordings are not listed at all (even though they are decrypted - I need to get to the bottom of that), and StDef .TS files are listed but do not play. The only thing that would play is a .MP4 (the result of grabbing an iPlayer stream).

As we have long stated, an HD-FOX (or another HDR-FOX) is the best media player for streaming from an HDR-FOX.
It is a sad fact that many standard def stations now broadcast in substandard resolution. The Sony blu-ray player is probably designed to play SD videos in DVD video compliant resolutions only (which does not include 544x576). On a more positive note, a Samsung blu-ray player I bought recently is able to play both SD and (decrypted) HD material off the Humax over DLNA.
I might try that, it means hooking a network to the player again, but I don't care very much. The Blu-ray is destined to sit under a HDR-FOX, so there is no problem with playing content.