Problem with Auto Mpg


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I'm running the latest CFW1.03.12_mod_2.22 and I've been trying to convert some SD recordings to mpg to take away on a weekend trip. I've followed the same process lots of times on previous versions with no problems but I'm getting the following error

03/04/2014 23:40 - /media/My Video/Rev_/Rev__20140331_2202 - auto-mpg - error /mod/bin/ffmpeg: can't load library ''.

The recordings have been auto decrypted and I've tried forcing a reinstall of the ffmpeg package but that made no difference.

I'd appreciate any ideas on how to get this to work again.


Try running the reset-rcS diagnostic from the diagnostics screen in the web interface and then restart the Humax.
A quick PS... I did ask this question a while ago but it didn't get a definitive reply but could there be an enhancement to enable the converted mpg files to be automatically moved to a different e.g. MPG folder rather than added to the individual programme folders. This would make the transfer of mpg files to other devices more efficient.

I don't know if I commented previously... this sounds as if it would fit in as an extension to the sweeper package.
Sweeper is flexible enough to be run on specific folders with per-folder configuration files, but I have never finished the framework for that. I'll see if I can make time over the weekend.
Thanks BH. Yours was the only response when I raised this before and it seemed to drop off the radar.

I thought it might be a popular option as it would enable more efficient bulk downloads from the Humax to other devices but not understanding what needs to be done to Sweeper I have no idea if it's worth the effort.

Sorry af123 - posts crossed. Thanks a lot