Problem with connecting to hd-fox t2 via IP


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I'm new to all this and I have tried searching the forum for answers with no luck!

I've managed to upload the latest custom firmware to my hd-fox t2, that was easy.
I don't have the humax near a hub so I decided to connect it through my computer by sharing the internet connection it has.. this works fine in the sense that I can recieve TV portal services.

When I attempt to connect to the humax using its IP address I have problems. As I understand it, I need to type the IP address into a browser on a computer sharing the same network. I believe I know the humax IP address (found menu-settings-system-internet settings-configure lan-IP address). Typing this address into a browser doesn't connect ("problem loading page").

I've now tried to connect to the humax using ethernet cables without success.

What do you think the solution is?

Thanks for your help..

As I read your story, you have the Humax connected to your PC directly to share the Internet connection? Does that mean your PC is connected to the Internet by WiFi, or does it have two Ethernet ports?

You should be able to communicate with the Humax (to access the WebIF or Telnet or FTP) by wiring a direct Ethernet link, but you will have to set a manual IP address on the Humax to know what to address it as - an ad-hoc connection like this can't support DHCP.

Loading the custom software is almost pointless without a regular network connection to the Humax, you will want to link up from your PC on a regular basis and also the custom software benefits greatly from a live Internet connection, so my advice is to concentrate on configuring your network and then your problems should disappear. My HDR-FOX is also inconveniently located in that respect, and I use HomePlug adapters to link it to my router through the mains wiring. Others link theirs to the WiFi network with a cheap USB dongle (it has to be the right one, see HERE).