Problem with ITVHD EPG and recordings?

We've had to rely on ITV player (streamed from an iPhone to an AppleTV) to watch the last 3 episodes of Broadchurch. This weeks episode didn't record at all, and the previous 2 weeks we had the "could not track programme" error. After watching the episodes last night I checked the EPG to make sure the final episode was set to record - and there was nothing in the EPG for ITVHD. The Hummy had been on for the best part of 3 hours at that point, so plenty of time to download. I assume that's why Monday programme didn't record. As it's the only recording we've had issues with over the last 3 weeks AND the only ITV programme we watch, I'm putting 2 and 2 together....

Anyone else had this issue?
It's listed for me (admittedly not a 2000T). What do you get if you search "broadchurch": Guide >> Find (green)? Do you have any services with LCN 800+?
Anyone else had this issue?
I have hada couple of unexplained unexpected channels empty after a retune even though I have checked that it is only tuned to one transmitter (as shown by the channel list in the signal strength menu).

On both occasions I just did a factory reset and a manual tune and 5 minutes later the epg was full, and stayed that way.

Also in my area my HDR-2000T can auto-tune to a mix of transmitters depending on which region I select during auto-tune.
Hmm, don't recall a retune happening, but maybe I'll have to do that and see if it comes back - we so rarely watch or record anything on ITV the issue went unnoticed.
I've had empty periods in the EPG on both my T2s latterly but not at the same time. Seems to be related to amount of time they've been on (days or weeks in my case) and whether or not they've had their channel changed. One just sits there recording stuff as a backup and I rarely look at it so it never has its channel changed. When I looked at it one day I found it had not been recording and the EPG was completely empty. Changing channels always fixes it, as does rebooting/power cycling etc.
(This reminds me a bit of the 9200 in its latter days which also had this irritating holes in the EPG behaviour. Humax software/firmware doesn't ever seem to get any better with their newer models does it? Idiots.)