Problem with skip forward when watching recordings


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Over the last week or so, the contents of the HDD have taken longer to appear after pressing the 'media' button, and whilst I can watch a recording, if I press the skip forward button on the remote, the file begins to replay from the beginning. Fast Forward behaves as normal. Any thoughts gratefully received!

Ezra Pound

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There is a limited hard disk 'health check' that can be carried out in normal Humax operation, but there is a much more comprehensive tool built into the Custom Firmware called Fix-Disk that would be worth running


I had this problem this morning - third time since upgrading to V3
Or... third time in last few weeks (I'm experiencing other oddities
such as enc flag randomly not clearing also - not very often but 5-6 times now)

To clear the skip problem I just reboot. Next time I'll investigate more first.