Problem with Undelete in Webif


All my recently deleted files have disappeared from the Webif /media/My Video/ [Deleted Items] folder but files deleted several days ago still show. If I FTP into the Humax I can see all the deleted files plus date root reference in the [Deleted Items] folder.
Also the green Dustbin sector of the disk space pie chart at the top of my Webif has disappeared.
All the files show correctly in the My Video [Deleted Items] folder via the Humax on screen TV display.
Also if I delete an item Undelete still works correctly on the TV screen view, but the deleted file does not show in the Webif display
I have tried a fix flash packages diagnostic and also uninstalled and re-installed the Undelete package without sucess.
Any thoughts/checks please
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Check the undelete settings and see whether it still thinks it is using the same folder. RS needs to know what folder to ignore too.
I have just checked the Undelete settings and all are OK. I changed the number of days to see if that would correct it, it didn't.
Undelete works as expected when viewing via the Humax on TV screen display. It is only the Webif view that is wrong.
Today 2 of the previously deleted files, not showing yesterday, have turned up in the Webif [Deleted Items] folder
I have just checked the empty_dustbin log and there are lines showing Input/output error could they be anything to do with it?

Emptying dustbin at Sat Jan 14 11:50:19 GMT 2017
Dustbin: /mnt/hd2/My Video/[Deleted Items]
Processing dustbin... (10 - 10,20,30,40,50,60,70)
Keeping deleted files for 10 days.
./New_ Flying Scotsman from the Footplate_20161229_2059.thm
find: ./_Taxi Driver_20170112_2347-1484331196.ts: Input/output error
./Channel 4 Racing_20161227_1542.hmt
./New_ Flying Scotsman from the Footplate_20161229_2059.hmt
./New_ Flying Scotsman from the Footplate_20161229_2059.nts
./Channel 4 Racing_20161227_1542.thm
./Channel 4 Racing_20161227_1542.nts
./New_ Flying Scotsman from the Footplate_20161229_2059.ts
./Channel 4 Racing_20161227_1542.ts
1 = 10, 2 = 20, 3 = 30, 4 = 40, 5 = 50, 6 = 60, 7 = 70,
Free disk space: 116.182 GiB
Removing empty directories...
Looking for orphaned HMT files.
find: ./_Taxi Driver_20170112_2347-1484331196.ts: Input/output error
Yes, you have a disk fault and that will be causing the symptoms you're seeing. Run the fix disk process.
When I tried the Disk space utility I got the following answer

Disk Utilisation
Error, /media/My Video, 326327432 /media/My Video/ du: /media/My Video/[Deleted Items]/_Taxi Driver_20170112_2347-1484331196.ts: Input/output error

Thank you af123 I will run fix disk.
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