Problem with Victoria recordings


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Since we've watched all the episodes, we agreed to copy the recordings to an externall HDD.
When the process had (apparently) completed (as indicated by the drive light stopping flashing) I unmounted the HDD from the WebIF, and thought no more about it, until I checked the folder the following day.
There were only 5 of the 8 recordings still present, whereas a check of the HDD on a PC showed all of them present.
I also checked the [deleted] folder, but they weren't there either.
Is this behaviour others have experienced?
Some detail:Web interface version: 1.3.2-1
Custom firmware version: 3.10 (build 2734)
Humax Version: 1.03.12 (kernel HDR_CFW_3.10)
Loader Version: a7.31
System ID: 80bc.7e00


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Using the Humax interface, Opt+ key, and then select copy/move.
I had marked all the files for action prior to that.


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That's a known fault of the Humax UI.
I presume you have plenty of space on the target as there's also a bug in the calculation it uses when checking (needs twice the size of the .ts file free).

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Things Every... (click) section 12:
There is a quirk in the OPT+ copy operation, in that unless there is about twice as much free space on the destination drive than you expect to need, the large .ts recording file will be copied but not its small sidecar files (.hmt, .nts, .thm) that hold information about the position of bookmarks and the synopsis information. This can be disasterous if copying encrypted HiDef recordings

However, that might not be the problem in this case. Block transfers do not always complete successfully, even when there is plenty of space on the destination drive.


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I do have plenty of space on the target drive, which is a £TB, but partitioned, drive.
I didn't look closely enough to determine whether the sidecar files were copied (but will do so).
Thanks to prpr and BH for the thoughts.