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Problems deleting recordings

I had a strange issue last night which I thought I'd share...

I was catching up on a few episodes of a series that I've been recording (the series being 'Episodes', just to confuse matters!!). Normally when I do this, I press stop when the first one finishes which takes me back to the that folder in the media list, then I select the next one to watch and delete them both when they're finished.

However last night instead of pressing stop when the first one finished, I pressed the media buton which displayed the list with the first recording still playing in the background. I selected the second one and that started, I watched it then pressed stop, pressed green to highlight all and then deleted them, however the first one (which I didn't press stop on originally) wouldn't delete. The only way I could get rid of it was to start it playing again (I don't remember if the menu said 'start playing' or 'resume playing'), then press the stop button, and then delete it. It seems as though going straight to the second recording instead of stopping the first one first left a file open, maybe one of the sidecar files which I presume it uses to store the point in the file that I stopped it at, for the resume play function?

Not a major burning issue, just something interesting I thought I'd share...


Staff member
Yes, that's a known feature and, yes, it thinks it's still in use... It's been discussed before but I couldn't find it with a quick search.