Problems since hooking up to AV receiver



HI everyone...I am a newbie to this site and also to the world of Freesat, Receivers etc.
The problem I have is I have recently hooked my Humax HDR to a new Sony AV receiver and since doing this, I cannot record two programmes at one time. If, for example, I am watching bbc1 and want to record itv, all is OK, but then if I switch to itv and then back to bbc1, the screen just says 'Bad or no signal', than scroll through the channels and all are blacked out except for 'Bad or no signal'
Can anyone help please.
I will unplug the receiver and set up as it was pre receiver,to check this weekend, but if anyone out there can shed any light on this or has come across similar thing, I would be grateful.
It all worked a treat before I set up the receiver.
I have a Sony Bravia TV, Humax HDR and a Sony Blu-ray player, all going into the receiver.
It's pretty certain to be a coincidence. Most likely you have a problem with the tuner 2 in f connector caused by moving the box. Goto Menu/System/Diagnostics and look at the two tuners signal and quality levels. If tuner 2 is zero power off the box and check the f connectors. They sometimes break apart, the 11mm nut becoming detached.

How to fit a f connector (ignore the grease)