Problems using VLC to stream content

Hi all, I'm using VLC to watch content on my HDR-FOX T2 and once connected to the box via View > Playlist > Local Network > Universal Plug'n'Play, my recordings play brilliantly. The problem is the time it takes for VLC to find my Hummy - it catalogues my Sonos first, then the laptop, and it takes well over an hour to list the Hummy.

Is there a way round this? Can I get VLC to ignore Sonos and go straight to the Hummy each time? - waiting an hour+ to watch something is obviously not ideal ;-)

If not, are there other alternative video streaming applications? I've tried XBMC but had performance issues with it. Anything else?

Any advice gratefully received.

Many thanks.
You would have to load the custom firmware, then you could decrypt the drive contents and share it as a normal network drive.
Thanks Black Hole - sounds a bit scary to me! That may be the only option, however, but before I go down that route does anyone know of any alternatives to VLC and XNBC that I might try?
Nothing difficult about it at all, it has been made very easy by the custom firmware and associated services.
I am using the custom firmware and do as above but also you can load windows media player and see if you humax appears on the left had side. If you can browse to the file and selected them you can right click to find the location and then cut and paste that into VLC and it will start.
The same information is available to copy and paste via the custom software web interface, easier than using WMP.
Hi. I'm definitely going to look into the custom firmware but, meanwhile, copying and pasting the location into VLC works a treat.
Thanks for all your help.