Problems with any Wifi adapter using Belkin N1 Vision Router

Manny Luz Cruz

New Member
I've spent all afternoon googling my heart out trying to solve this problem: Nothing I try in order to get wifi working on my new HDR-Fox T2 seems to work. I've tried 4 different dongles, all of which work just fine when attached to anything else apart from the hummy!

Here's what I think is going on - there is a setting that lives in a .db file (not sure which one) that controls the default DHCP assigned to address assigned to whatever dongle I attach to the hummy. This address is in the 192.0.2.x range. My first thought was "fine, I'll just change my DSL router DHCP settings to that address range" and my router, quite sensibly and annoyingly, won't let me use that block.

Any wifi dongle that I use ends up getting ignoring the DHCP settings on the router and trying to assign an address in the 192.0.2.x range. BTW, it behaves the same way on the latest humax firmware as well as CF.

The other thing that doesn't make sense is that the hummy with (any) dongle never sees the SSID broadcast. Unlike the half-dozen other devices I have that never have a problem. I was going to order the WiFi dongle from Humax but I don't believe it will work either.

Crossing my fingers in the hope that someone can help me out! And a general collective thanks to all of you who have put out so much really useful and v. helpful info about this unit out there.
The Humax will assign an address in the 192.0.2.x range if the Wifi connection fails - that isn't DHCP just a fallback address.

Are you plugging the wifi dongle into the front or back? Try the other one in any case. There is a lot of RF interference around a typical TV setup that does damp the wireless signal. Many people use a short USB extension to the move the wifi dongle a short distance away.

If you're running the CFW, you could try installing the wireless-helper package which adds an extra kick to the process, but that does need you to have entered the proper settings into the on-TV interface at least once.
You are probably aware of this already, but just in case, the Humax will only work with the Railink 3070 family of USB Wi-Fi dongles (List HERE), so although it doesn't need to be the official Humax Dongle, it must be similar