Problems with CF3.00 on HD and HDRs


New Member

Since updating my HD and HDR boxes to the very latest version of the CF they have gained some issues that I'm hoping the forum can advise on.

The HDR now struggles to find my shared network drive with movies and shows on it. If it does find it then it can no longer play the video files properly. They start playing and then stop after a few minutes.

The HD box will not launch the Humax portal and comes up with an error message in very small text saying it could not connect and to try again later . The custom portal also does not work either. It also will not stream any recordings from the HDR. It used to work fine, but as with the HDR they play for a few minutes and then stop.

Has anyone else had these issues or got a recommended solution? Or is it just a case over reflashing an older firmware?

Thanks in advance.