problems with custom portal

David Howarth

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Hi Guys
Slight problem with the custom portal, only use it for internet radio realy but it stopped working. Says its loading at the bottom of the screen but nowt happens.
It works ok through the standard Humax portal.

Any ideas
The Custom TV portal (Portal Xtra1) has not been updated since Humax changed the Standard TV Portal screens to be App. based, until it is updated it is of limited use
Fair enough; it's just that it adds an overhead in resources and ease of use, so having been nosey and decided it adds nothing of interest to you, the next step is "uninstall".
I've updated the custom portal at my end. Just not had chance to polish it off and send it over.. Will try tonight.
Fair enough; it's just that it adds an overhead in resources and ease of use
It's much faster to get through to iPlayer through the custom portal. Just press portal and the initial menu bar pops straight up, then Red, two and iplayer's already loading.
Cute. It strikes me that another version of the custom portal which defaults to iPlayer would suit me nicely.

How about this: pressing "TV Portal" gets you red yellow green blue options, configurable via WebIF to map to any of the standard apps, the standard portal, or the custom portal. I might then set up red = iPlayer, yellow = YouTube, green = Internet Radio, and blue = standard portal.
Possible but quite a bit of work..
Ian (author of Xtra1) mentioned a while back that he had plans to rewrite the portal but he's been busy with other things. Its been a few months now..

Speaking of which, I was thinking a few days ago about ITV Player being available on some Samsung Smart TVs.. @af123, do you know of anyone that might be able to obtain a copy of the app for investigation? The apps for the Samsungs are just .zips apparently and if you root the TV, you can copy out the apps unencrypted.
Thanks Ezra..

I also added the ability to "force refresh" the portal page by pressing OK.
This is only really useful to any devs as the portal page can sometimes hang on to the cached version.
Also fixed the Portal link in the hidden developer menu as Ian has changed his site slightly.
Thanks guys for keeping this moving, -- time is still the most precious of resources.

Though this week I have left my job as Bar Manager, and started working 9-5 :)) yay!) in a small computer repair shop (in Bordsley Green, Birmingham).

At the shop I will mostly be running the shop front counter, fixing software (Windows - yes I know! -- :( sigh! -- though OSX and Linux skills are part of why I was hired too -- the boss doesn't do Macs nor Linux), and (when I have settled in) working on many software or website projects that can make the shop money.

So, hopefully, once I have settled in, and my schedule settles down -- I should have more time at home for my own -- non-profit projects -- including more Portal Stuff and the long announced TV Chat. ;)