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Problems with decrypted HD ts file


New Member
I've got the HD-Fox T2, I've put it in HDR mode, decrypted the file and got it on my PC. The file is Inglourious Basterds in HD from Channel 4 the other day. The problem is that when I try and play it using VLC, it plays the ads fine but crashes as soon as the film starts. I tried playing in Windows Media Player, I can see the film, but no sound!
Any ideas how I can remedy this? I had Handbrake convert the file to MKV, but I basically got the same results.
I've done some googling and come across some lengthy discussions that mention a host of different bits of software for doing things, but I'm not sure how to just play this file!
I'm guessing it won't play because it's a film and they've done something clever to prevent what I'm trying to do.
Thanks for any help.


Active Member
Or you could try editing out the channel intro using the webif. It seems to be the change in the audio stream between the intro and the main programme that causes this problem.

Dang! EP beat me to it...


New Member
Hiya, Fenlander was right, it's to do with the audio stream, it seems. If I switch the audio stream to 'audio description', then skip to the start of the film, then change back to normal audio, it plays fine, although I then have to do the same with adverts. Thanks for the help!