Problems with just one folder

Pixel Eyes

I have Recursive Auto-decrypt set on the "My Video" folder. For some time I have been getting "auto-decrypt failed" notifications - just for Coronation Street recordings. Sometimes I also get "Detection Length error" warnings too. The files are in fact decrypted so I have simply ignored these messages.

Now I notice that Sweeper rules on this folder to change the filename and title are no longer working. I wonder what's going on and what I could do to investigate and correct these problems?

Web interface version: 1.2.8-16
Custom firmware version: 3.10 (build 2734)
Humax Version: 1.03.12


Ad detector
The auto-decrypt failures are probably a variation of the problem described in - there is no known explanation of why it only affects certain programs.

Detection length errors are usually caused be occasional picture breakups which throw off the calculations of ad break positions - significant errors can make the output of an auto-cropped program unwatchable.

For the Sweeper problems post a copy of the rule set you are using so that the experts can advise on what might be going on - you could also use the Test Config button on the Sweeper pages to see what might be going wrong.
Pixel Eyes

Pixel Eyes

The Sweeper ruleset:

# rename
!filename y action {renamefile {%title - %hhmm %longday %date %shortmonth %year}}
# rename2
!title y action {settitle {%title - %longday}}

This is the result when I run Test config:

23/04/2016 18:45 - --- SWEEP SCAN STARTING FOR /media/My Video/Coronation Street (2) ---
23/04/2016 18:45 -
23/04/2016 18:45 - + Sweeper processing /media/My Video/Coronation Street/Coronation Street_20160422_2029.ts
23/04/2016 18:45 - Processing [!filename y action {renamefile {%title - %hhmm %longday %date %shortmonth %year}}]
23/04/2016 18:45 -    !filename(y)
23/04/2016 18:45 -      MATCH
23/04/2016 18:45 -    action(renamefile {%title - %hhmm %longday %date %shortmonth %year})
23/04/2016 18:45 - ACTION: renamefile(%title - %hhmm %longday %date %shortmonth %year) [0]