Process hogging CPU


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I originally posted about this here but I think a new thread is needed (see also posts #55 and #58 in that thread).
I have been having problems that sometimes mainfest when running Detectads with chaseget decryption; I think that Detectads highlights that there is an issue, rather than actually causing it.
While Detectads is running, the CPU usage increases until it gets maxed out, which makes the box sluggish. An example below:
chart 1.jpeg
The box was recording between 7 and 8 pm. The gap is where I rebooted. I think I have found where the problem is but I don't know how to fix it. By running 'top' from telnet, it is evident that the humaxtv process keeps using more and more CPU until it is contantly using about 50-60% or so. Doing the same on other units, humaxtv can spike to 50% CPU or so but then drops back down to 10-15%. I presume that when subprocesses are running under humaxtv, that the CPU resources are not being released when they fall idle?
A reboot fixes it temporarily. Will reinstalling the firmware/ custom firmware be of any use?