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Programme Announcer on BBC HD Channel

Martin Edwards

New Member
Hi All....
Probably an amp set up issue... but thought i would mention it.... jusyt in case anyone else gets the same thing.

I have a couple of SPs set up on BBC HD channel (Episodes and Human Planet)

When plating these back... the Announcer sounds like he or she is down a 3 mile hole ...... with a lid on it!
All sound on the programmes themselves are fine....
and it appears to be BBC HD only...... BBC One HD seens fine....... but the amp sees the output from BBC One HD as a stereo output... whereas the BBC HD is seem as multi channel....



Can't say I've noticed how it sounds as I usually skip over the continuity announcements, but I'm sure I've noticed that while most, though not all, programmes are multi-channel, the continuity (and adverts on the commercial HD channels) are only stereo.