Programme info screen unreadable.

David Porteous

New Member
Anyone had this problem and is the screen adjustable? This is when programme info is viewed from the listings screen..... light blue lettering on a very light grey screen, no contrast so very difficult to read. When info viewed from the channel being watched it is white lettering on a dark screen. I'm 58 and don't need specs for any reason!!:).
Sounds like a lack of contrast or excessive brightness on your TV, I'm getting fairly dark Blue lettering on an almost white background
I agree. Check the calibration of your TV. Are you viewing on a steam telly via SCART, or a flat screen via HDMI? The low resolution of SCART will make it more difficult.

The wet-finger-in-the-air method for setting up a TV picture is first to set the colour saturation to zero and adjust the brightness and contrast of the monochrome picture, using video with the full range of tones, to get whites wite and blacks black and a decent graduation between. Once the monochrome is set up bring the colour saturation up until flesh tones look right.