Programmes slipping in playback mode


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When watching a recorded programme it sometimes jumps forward a minute or two, rewind shows the missing frames are still there, but when back on play it still jumps.
Tried formatting the drive, but it has not rectified the problem!
Surely the HDD has not gone as it is only 2 years old?
But if it has, can it be replaced. Any suggestions?
From my reading of forums over the past few years this symptom indicates a HDD problem.

Disconnect all power connections before working on the unit.

The Humax format is very cursory and does not sort out all damaged sectors. You can remove the HDD, connect to a PC (a USB-SATA may be the easiest way); carry out a full format and then replace the HDD - the Humax will then reformat it to its file-system. It has been known to work.

You can replace the HDD; carry out a search and I expect you will find someone recommending a particular drive.



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Surely the HDD has not gone as it is only 2 years old?

Is it over or just under two years old?
If under the, provided you register the box on humax website, you should be able to call them and get them to replace it.

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