Programmes submitted for auto-decrypt not being processed


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After the recent problems with auto-decrypt not working on Drama channel, I did a lot of manual decrypting after removing auto-decrypt (+recursive) flags from the video media list.
Many thanks to af123 for fixing the relevant package, it's worked well for a fortnight or so having set auto-decrypt recursive at the root level of the Video directory. Unfortunately recently programmes submitted for decrypt seem to remain in the queued list without being acted upon. The information in the queued list window now reports that the most recent media scan took place @14:00 4/9 but there is no further action being taken. I've power-cycled the Humax a number of times but am now at a loss as to where I go from here.


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Do a forced-reinstall of the web interface (
package) from the diagnostics screen.


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webif force re-installed thank you, seems to be no change at the moment, this os the output of the autolog from this morning to the present

5000 06/09/2017 10:13:02 - autotrigger[2752]: /media/My Video/Pie in the Sky/Pie in the Sky_20170906_0900.ts - Queued for decryption.
4999 05/09/2017 23:20:48 - autotrigger[1919]: /media/My Video/New Tricks/New Tricks_20170905_2202.ts - Queued for decryption.
4998 05/09/2017 23:20:47 - autotrigger[1919]: /media/My Video/New Tricks/New Tricks_20170904_2203.ts - Queued for decryption.
4997 05/09/2017 16:34:17 - autotrigger[3149]: /media/My Video/Anzio_20170905_1416.ts - Queued for decryption.
4996 05/09/2017 10:01:29 - autotrigger[1673]: /media/My Video/Pie in the Sky/Pie in the Sky_20170905_0900.ts - Queued for decryption.

But nothing happens from there, they remain pending.