programs gone to root folder


I installed the customized firmware and the web interface and several things from the package manager

I was just cutting and pasting my programs into new folders using the web interface

I noticed after a short time most of the programs had gone back to the root folder!

why is this happening? how do I get around this?


this is what I have installed

PackageInstalledDescription Action
BootHDR 1.1 Allows the HD-FOX T2 to run the software for the HDR-FOX T2, to allow decryption of recordings by copying to a volume.
auto-unprotect 1.0.7 The Auto Unprotect package runs in the background and automatically removes the Encryption Protected flag on high definition recordings. This is the flag which prevents the file from being decrypted when it is copied to an external disk. On first installation, the hard disk will be scanned for any high definition recordings and they will be unprotected. Thereafter new recordings will have the flag removed as they are completed.
auto-update 1.0.0 This package automatically keeps the installed packages up to date by checking for any new releases daily and automatically downloading and installing them.
betaftpd 0.0.8pre17-3 A replacement FTP server for the Humax HDR which can also be used on the HD (which doesn't have a native server). Much better than the built-in one, and smaller too.
cifs 2.6.18 The cifs package provides the Humax with the ability to remotely access files shared from PCs using Windows file sharing. This package adds the support to the running system but mounting remote filesystems must currently be performed from the command line.
custom-portal 1.12 An extension to the Humax TV Portal thats add some more apps. Reboot after installation. Work in progress.
ffmpeg 0.10 An audio/video utility which is used by the web interface to provide additional functionality such as MP3 and MPG conversion.
inadyn 1.96.2-2 A Dynamic DNS client with web configuration plugin (see webif settings page)
mediatomb 0.11.0r2-4 A free UPnP MediaServer. This package allows streaming of content from the Humax to other devices on your network, once that content has been decrypted.
multimode 0.0.1 A web interface plugin which allows selective application of AR/padding on a per-channel basis.
network-shares-automount 1.3 Automatic mounting of remote nfs or smb directories, with configuration on the box, using special "settings" directorys to add and configure shares. Remote host(s) are "pinged" regularly, and shares are mounting / unmounting automatically with host availability. Wake on Lan also supported.
ntfs-3g 2011.4.12-3 Read/write NTFS disk access. Out of the box the Humax can read NTFS formatted drives but this package upgrades that support to full read/write access.
ntpclient 2010-365-1 Sets the Humax clock from an Internet time server on each boot. Useful if you do not have an aerial connection.
redring 1.03 Modifies the behaviour of the Humax front panel in various ways. The main feature is to show a red LED ring when recording from standby but it also has options for indicating dual recording with a purple ring, disabling scrolling on the front panel and for persistently displaying a clock instead of the channel or recording name.
rs 0.4.5-1 Remote Scheduling Service. Links your device to the remote scheduling portal so you can manage your scheduled recordings list from anywhere with an Internet connection and web browser.
samba 2.2.12-3 Windows compatible file sharing. Allows access to the Humax filesystem from a computer on the same network. The file system is shared using Windows compatible sharing so can be access from Windows, MacOSX and most other operating systems.
virtual-disk 1.1 In order to decrypt content which has been recorded by the Humax, it must be copied to an external disk. This is usually a slow process as the external disk must be connected via one of the USB ports. This package creates a virtual disk on the system to which content can be copied. It is must faster since it is based on the internal hard disk. The virtual disk is shared by the MediaTomb package by default giving a fairly straightforward method of sharing recorded content on the network. In conjunction with the 'auto-unprotect' package, high definition content can also be shared.
webif 0.9.6-5 An evolving web interface for the Humax. This package provides a means of accessing the Humax using a web browser on any device connected to the network (including mobile 'phones and iPads). The interface allows easy viewing of recorded programme details as well as allowing basic manipulation to be performed. Additionally the EPG can be viewed and searched from within the web browser.
webif-iphone 1.0.0 A cut-down web interface, optimised for display on the iPhone and other mobile devices.