Proven Handbrake profiles


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Hi all,

I'm seeking users of HD or HDR devices who regularly use Handbrake (or equivalent) to transcode video (SD/720p/1080p) video for viewing on their Humax over DLNA.

Is anyone able to share their profile files for the above or instruct me how to correctly set them up?

I love my HD / HDR combo and especially like the shared library /DLNA features. However, I am finding it increasingly frustrating to predict what format my HDR or HD will happily play from a DLNA server.

I have a couple of options for using NAS box implementations of DLNA servers, DroboFS with MediaTomb or Netgear miniDLNA. Both of which *work* fine from both the HD and the HDR. As long as I have the file in the right format. This is where I fall down.

I would stress at this point that I have read the existing posts on this forum (and also and avforums) regarding file format and containers and understand in principle that I need MP2 (.ts) or MP4 with the matching audio to be able to do this but I can't get it to consistently work.

I have also tried the AVS product with not much success, and I prefer handbrake as it is OS.

Any help greatly appreciated.
I use Handbrake for all my video, and I simply use the default preset (Regular, Normal).