Purchasing 2nd HDR for bedroom ?


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Now that media playback is available in HD and SD on an HD Fox T2 in a bedroom from an HDR downstairs, I thought about getting a second HD Fox for another room downstairs with our old widescreen CRT monster which I have to use when driven out of the main sitting area when for example X Factor is on. Looked at prices on the Web and found that HD Fox is £100'ish but a 500GB HDR is available now from Richer Sounds at £249( with a 1TB being in excess of £300) ;then I thought about any potential problems of 2 HDR Media servers on the network , are there any as far as content on the HD Fox needing to be accessed ?
The HD Fox could move downstairs if that room was used relatively infrequently and then I could set recordings upstairs before dropping off ( on the new HDR) and then be able to watch them at a later time downstairs on the HD or HDR . I've noticed incidentally you can't "chase play" over the network until the recording has completed on the host.