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Back playing again. After getting my (thanks to bunnie - google it if you're bored) which gives me the ability to push web pages to my tv via the NeTV box (which overlays HDMI - how cool is that?) using http get I wondered if it was possible to to the same with the humax (mines a hd fox) by perhaps manipulating the portal.
Is it possible to fire the portal remotely?
I'm kinda boring everyone with my quest to display caller id info on everything but the fridge and with the NeTV I can now slide in a little box on my sony LCD with the caller details over the top of my sky program so to do so on the Humax would be great.
I've already succeeded in having a hosted webpage in the custom portal that uses a bit of javascript and json to display incoming calls but this means remembering to fire up the portal via the remote control every time I watch tv. I'm sure I could have played around with the ocontroller stuff to allow channel changes underneath a transparent page but as always I want more. Any ideas o clever ones?


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Is the NeTV available to buy yet? I was interested in one of those when it was announced last year..

As you say, it would be probably just a case of playing with the ocontroller script to have it "live" all the time.
If you manage to do that, it could lead to other possibilities such as displaying notifications on screen for all kinds of stuff!
It would come with its downsides however, as it will just eat into the available memory.

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The science of computation says that any device capable of acting as a universal computer can perform any computable problem... it makes no claims how long it might take though!

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Oh yeah, let's see how long it takes to decode a second of TS when your memory element is a strip of paper that can be spooled and marked with 1s and 0s!