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PVR-9200T x 2 - open to offers (1 still boxed)


New Member
I have just retired a fully working Silver PVR-9200T with a 750Gb SATA drive with IDE converter.

I also have a BRAND NEW Black PVR-9200T still sealed in it's box (never opened).

I realise these are old boxes now but thought they might be useful to someone if nothing else for parts...?

I'm in the Epsom area if anyone is interested.



New Member
If there is any interest of course, but it has been stored very well (under the bed).

Box is almost pristine.

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
That doesn't mean the contents still work, or even that they worked when you bought them. Any warranty has presumably expired.

If there is somebody interested, what's their first question going to be?