PVR9200 data off old HD


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I've put a new HD in my unit and plugged the old error prone HD into my PC and it comes up as a drive but doesn't show any video files. I notice reference to some recovery software called pvr101 but can't locate a copy. Could some kind person email me a copy?
Is there another approach?

many thanks
Thanks BMAX, but I've now resolved it by downloading a piece of software called humaxrw.exe
Runs in DOS window - works treat.
New HD is Hitachi which according to other posts has a slower startup than the old Seagate so the Humax doesn't always start up correctly from standby.

Two options:
1. Never put it in standby, which means the unit takes 30W as against 10W in standby, works out to about £3 a month, hardly a big issue.
2. Put the old Seagate HD back in the Humax and reformat it. This is the option I've gone with and all is working ok for now. I can always move to option one if I get errors.

Hope this helps somebody - don't buy a Hitachi for you old Humax !