Q: copy files to portable hdd to watch on other HDRs

When I went to my parents at xmas, I copied some files from the playmedialist onto the portable hdd to take and watch whilst there (we both have HDR-T2s). None of the files played on the other machine ('scrambled or not available' message). I did notice that one of the files was HD, so may not have played (should be decrypted though), but the others? I'm sure this should have worked?

they did work on my machine when we got home and i tested it.
i can't remember how I copied the files: I think it was simply via the media browser... but I do recollect that I could have used the custom software to do a move or copy/paste - in which case this thread could be in the other forum.

Ezra Pound

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All files on the Humax are encrypted, a Remote Control >> OPT+ Copy to USB drive will decrypt standard Def. files but not Hi-Def. files. For High-Def. file you either need to used Foxy (Notes HERE) followed by Remote Control >> OPT+ Copy to USB or the Custom Firmware options (See Notes HERE)
aaah, so if I did do it via the custom firmware, the decryption would not have happened (and according to BH's linky, ftp transfer is the same). Gotta use the proper method.
I do have the decryption add-on to the CF, so copy-to-usb should (in theory) work.

Ezra Pound

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For all Custom Firmware methods of decryption take a look the flow chart on the WiKi HERE. FTP with or without Custom Firmware won't remove decryption on it's own you nedd the other steps detailed in the flow chart