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I have an HDR-FOX T2 that I've had for some time (over a year?) but have a few issues:
1. Often when I bring the box out of standby, if I try to access saved recordings via the Media button and then scrolling up and down the list of files and folders, the box reboots. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions for a fix (workaround is to wait 30-60 seconds after power up...)

2. I get 'Resolution not Supported' (on the TV screen) if the box is left on and I power off/ standby the connected Samsung TV and then bring the TV back to life. The T2 is connected to the TV via the HDMI-1 port on the TV. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

3. Are there any plans to expand the Portal - e.g. to add in ITV Player, 4oD, etc.?

Thanks in advance

Problem 1 might be caused by a corrupt recording. Without the custom firmware you have little alternative but to try a factory reset Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Factory Default - this will mean tuning and restoring your preferences again, and recreating your recording schedule, but your existing recordings will remain intact. If this doesn't fix it the next thing is to save off everything you want to keep and then perform a disk format Menu >> Settings >> System >> Data Storage >> Format Storage.

Problem 2: There are frequently problems associated with HDMI sync because of the "non-standard standard" nature of HDMI (although I have never had a problem with two Samsung 32EH5000s). You could try pressing the V-FORMAT button to force a resync (four times will get you back to your original setting), or switch inputs away and then back to HDMI1 on the TV.

Problem 3: For the umpteenth time, no.
Thanks for your reply.
1. I'll probably skip doing the factory default/reformat because it's a lot of hassle to fix an issue that only happens periodically and isn't a major drama - but thanks anyway.

2. Where's the V-Format button?

3. OK - point taken!